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Posted By CloudWolf
10/02/2017 12:13pm
I'd like to take this opportunity to feature EnGamer Network's latest project to assist with the Clan recruitment effort.

I'd like to present Looking For Clan.

We're constantly finding that each new game offers their own unique platforms for clan recruitment. While these tools are useful, it's a constant uphill battle to ensure your clan is properly represented on each new system.

LFC aims to address that. We're setting up a single portal covering all games and platforms. Our mission is to ensure Players and Clans have access to everything across the board in one place. Clans can create profiles and mark the games / platforms they support.

Meanwhile, players can create listings and mark the games and platforms they want to play. The whole system is geared towards matching clans and players to each-other.

We've already got a section dedicated to Destiny Clans so make sure your clan is listed for maximum exposure.

This is the first stable release, so you can expect much more from the site as we move forwards into a bright and prosperous future.

This new service will be run in parallel to Clans of Destiny, so anyone still using this site as a base of operations can continue to do so!
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Posted By CloudWolf
25/01/2016 17:33pm
Last year, Destiny dropped in with a bang and instantly became one of the most-loved titles of it's time. Since launch, we've seen two minor, and one major expansion.

But what's next?

For anyone who paid attention in the run up to Destiny launch day, you'll remember a leak of information which outlined Destiny's long-term plan. To summarise, we were to expect:

- A major Destiny title every 2 years (Destiny Main Title)
- A large expansion at the halfway point (The Taken King)
- A number of smaller expansions released at regular intervals (The Dark Below and House of Wolves)

Firstly, we'd like to point out that this document was never an official announcement, but so far seems to have closely aligned with Bungie's release strategy.

But the lack of new information suggests a change in tactics. So what are Bungie planning behind the scenes?

Jason Schreier, over at Kotaku claims that:

Posted by "Kotaku"One source told me that Bungie has asked the live team—a small group of developers at the studio who regularly come up with these events and other updates for Destiny—to build several new DLC packs over the next year to make up for Destiny 2’s delay. Yet it seems likely those plans will change, too; the live team is small, and that sort of schedule seems as unsustainable as what Bungie tried during Destiny’s first year, which was emotionally and physically exhausting for many on the development team.

Bungie have teased us with the word of new content coming soon. We'll keep you posted as we find out more.
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Posted By CloudWolf
21/01/2016 20:58pm
Welcome to the official relaunch of Clans of Destiny!

Where have we been? Long story short, we went through a period of downtime while I was unable to spend the time required to perform the necessary maintenance.

However! We are back, and with good reason. Destiny has a long road ahead of it, and we're keen to support the incredible clans and people who form the unrivalled fan-base for the game. Nowhere else have we seen a community quite so fun-loving wink

So without further adue, allow me to welcome you all back to the site. All your accounts / clan profiles have been restored.

It's good to be back.
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Posted By VeteranDegree
11/06/2015 00:44am
With the new leaks and images about the new Taken King DLC, lots of good news for this community!

The Expansion will cost $40 USD (35.46 EURO)

14 New story missions

6 New Strikes


1 new raid (Boss is ORYX)

New enemy type - Taken

Over 100 new legendaries and exotics!

With 3 new subclasses we got a little glimpse of what they are.

Hunter - Void - Gravity Bow

Warlock - Arc - Storm/Lightning

Titan - Solar - FIRE HAMMER

Much more news on the way.

Good luck Guardians