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Posted By mimocubano
24/07/2017 11:19am
Welcome to Guardians United D2 ( PS4 users only). Our clan is a group of like minded adults who truly enjoy gaming and the social opportunity that it creates.
We want our clan to be a place for adults that enjoy socializing with friends as much as playing the game itself. If you are overly concerned about your k/d ratio, are super serious, only care about winning at all costs and get upset if your teammates mess up....then this is not the clan for you!!
We will be focusing on PvE primarily but we will also be playing PvP and encouraging all to participate to hone your skills by playing this amazing game.
We are looking for friendly, funny, down to earth clan members that enjoy gaming. If you can't get on-line all the time, that's ok. If you don't have any idea as to what you're doing and need help, awesome.
Remember Destiny Universe is beautiful and with D2 at the gates together we can achieve more and enjoy the ultimate game experience.
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