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30/12/2014 15:29pm
Hey guys. Just wanted to make a quick post to say that I hope you all had a great Christmas and all have a happy New Year! grin

We're recruiting new members right now for Raiding right into next year. In line with that we'll be trimming back the roster and removing some of the guys who have moved on from Destiny. Over the next week I'll be messaging every member of the clan to confirm who has given up Destiny completely and who is planning on coming back.

We have had a good crop of requests recently and should have at least a full extra raiding party ready in the next week or so. smile

Enjoy the rest of your holidays guys and I'll see you all in the wild.
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11/12/2014 11:29am
Hey Guys. Not done one of these for a while smile

We've got a new Ranger joining on the US side of the pond. Tinyletters has just been added to the clan so send him a friend request.

We're going to be pumping some new blood into our resurrected Guardians veins to coincide with the release of the Dark Below so if you have any friends new to Destiny then contact myself or Temski on the EU side of things and Bodydroppedime on the US side of things for new recruits.

I'll be back posting regular updates from now on, hopefully soon with news of the Rangers bloody victory over that knob-end Crota.

Now, all you would be Crota killers, eyes front and say it with me; 'HOLE!!!'
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25/09/2014 23:59pm
I'm happy to say that the Vault of Glass has been breached by six brave Rangers. Well five brave Rangers and one bullet-sponge, but that's another story smile

Congratulations to BioJava, Temski, CheersJimbo, WolfxReaper and Miqqe92. It was an awesome run and one of the best co-op experiences I've ever had on a console. The guys were all really up for it, kept it fun and easy-going and completely annihilated the enemy. It was epic!

Special mention and thanks to BioJava for taking the lead not only in the Raid but also in researching it and figuring out the mechanics and strategies. He has certainly proven himself to be our resident Raid-Master so any Vault queries, he's your man.

And thanks also to McSluethburger who agreed to back us up in case of any no shows. It's something I hadn't thought of but it can save a lot of down time having someone lined up.
If any of you guys are planning a Raid and are looking for someone as a back-up, check the scheduling page and see if someone is soloing at they same time. Chances are they'd be happy to jump in if you're stuck.

And thanks to Jimbo for making a pure arse of those blocks. Made my effort on the maze cliff look fucking poetic smile

Some of the US guys are gearing up for a run soon so if you're in the same time-zone and are getting close to level 26/27 or beyond then give Loki or Body a shout.

Well done guys!
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24/09/2014 18:59pm
Hey Rangers. We've had some new recruits join over the last week or so and they've all now been promoted to full Rangers. Some of them should have been promoted last week and a couple haven't even had a proper introduction yet. Sorry about that guys. So, if you haven't already, please welcome;

Opie Winston

Most of them have been referred by current members and if you've invited one of these guys to join then help make them feel welcome and introduce them to the rest of the gang. I've added their PSNs to the active list on the forum so shoot them a friend request and we can get to playing together soon. The only one I don't have is Jaro's and I'll update you when I have that.

For the new guys if you can head to the clan forum you'll find the introduction page and you can tell us a bit about yourselves. Take a look at the Scheduling page as this will be our main tool for organising clan activities. Lastly, if you haven't already, head to the Highland Rangers page on and request to join. This'll allow you to set the Rangers as your clan in-game.

Welcome to the Highland Rangers, and I hope to see you all in Destiny soon. smile
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22/09/2014 18:24pm
Hi folks. This week saw the first attempt at the Vault of Glass by the Highland Rangers. BioJava, Temski, CheersJimbo, WolfReaper, miqqe92 and myself all had a run through last night and over the course of three hours we made significant progress. More than that we had a load of fun. Java really stepped up by leading the Raid and laying out tactics and much of the progress we made was down to his research.

BioJava advocates the guide from here and recommends anyone attempting the Raid have a good look at it. This holds for any high-level end-game content and if you've not looked into that Raid, Strike, Nightfall mission before-hand then tell your Raid/Fireteam leader early. If you're all going in blind or there's no info available that's fine but you don't want to be the only person out of six responsible for a full team wipe because you didn't know what colour of gloop not to step in. Trust me!

The Scheduling page for this week is up in the clan forum. This should be a great tool to help you organise your time and if you're anything like me there's just so many things to do with Exotic Bounties, Daily's, Weeklies, mother-chuffing Ascendant Shards and all the rest. This will help with that. The MOST IMPORTANT thing with the schedule is sticking to what you've agreed. It's bad enough if six people make plans and one doesn't turn up but if the other five can't even start without you it can be frustrating and waste time. So if you commit to something please don't leave others hanging.

Our Guardians are coming on leaps and bounds and we'll be seeing many more Raid attempts in the coming weeks. We have a nice wee core forming to the clan and it's important that that mixes with the newer players coming in. If you're a lvl 7 and need help then don't worry about asking a lvl 26. Most of the higher level guys have alts running and are only too happy to help.