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Posted By sociastus
27/07/2017 17:47pm
Welcome friend

so what is it like to create a clan from scratch?

well, it can be quite difficult. after the initial creation, which takes awhile, between the first post on, the creation of your clan's branding, and in the case of this clan, it's discord server, it takes a lot of time. The next step is to promote yourself anywhere and everywhere you can. In the case of Memores Acti, it's difficult, since I'm trying to recruit for a platform that the game hasn't even been released on yet. On top of that, you have to convince your audience that this is a clan worth joining. Which for me, now, as the clan creator, simply means I have to prove that I am someone you would want to raid with for an hour or two each week. Simple, right? Well, not really. It's kind of hard to portray what a clan is all about, without actually playing with them, which means my clan recruitment really won't get into full swing until I'm organizing raids, using lfg, after game launch.

I hope all of this has given you some insight into a clan creation process. Perhaps you'll even consider joining me on this adventure?

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