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02/06/2017 15:18pm
Rapture Gaming is an Xbox One community of gamers with the mentality of creating a fun environment for our members. We play together, laugh together, help each other out....and also win together. We have helped several members finish a raid for the first time (Vault of Glass, Crota's End, King's Fall, WotM) We are a tight knit family of about 350 gamers and 95 of those are Guardians. We have many different battalions and play more than just Destiny. If you want to have tons of fun, along with accomplishing something (Raids, Trials, PvP, etc), then we're your clan!!

We only have a few requirements:
1. Be of age 17+
2. Have a working mic/headset
3. Follow Community Rules (they're pretty easy, basically just don't be a bully)
If this sounds like something you are interested in, visit our website:

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