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Posted By Ravaiel
23/08/2017 15:34pm
Hey, Guardians!

Destiny 2 is going to be here soon! We only have to wait just a little bit longer! grin Some time ago we underwent a small reconstruction to prepare for the Destiny sequel - we believe it will be to your benefit. We are still open to new people looking for a chill clan.

As we are currently only recruiting through our Discord server (here -> https://discord.gg/gycbtCp) I encourage you to visit us and see if our band of misfits is up to your tastes. Almost everyone can find a place amongst us, so drop by! If you don't like it at TWC, no harm done you can quit the server whenever you like.

See you there!
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Posted By Frostfall_
01/08/2017 14:11pm
We are approaching our self imposed member cap. See previous article for information on joining if you think we look like a good option.

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Posted By Frostfall_
06/04/2017 09:01am
Once again we are looking for some new faces to join TWC in preparation for Destiny 2
If you want to come and meet us, and see if we are what you are looking for, our discord is at:


If you apply via clansofdestiny before visiting our discord, your app will probably float in limbo for all eternity.

We are an international clan operating exclusively on Playstation 4 that boasts a chill attitude and a host of friendly members. Our focuses are on endgame PVE, Exotic gear hunting, competitive PVP, and generally having a great time in Destiny. First and foremost a collective of like-minded and easy-going players, our goal is to have fun and kick ass without the rigidly organized structure of many other competitive clans.
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Posted By Frostfall_
10/09/2015 19:56pm
We have opened the gates of Valhalla to accommodate guardians wanting to join TWC.

If you wish to apply, visit www.winterhearth.org. Select community, and register on our forums by:

1. Registering an account
2. Clicking on -The Winter Academy-
3. Making a post about yourself using the provided template from the pinned post up top.
After that, we'll run you through getting our clan flair on bungie.

We look forward to seeing new faces around Winterhearth Castle.

-for more info, see our info tab on this website-
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Posted By Frostfall_
18/06/2015 13:34pm
Hammers and Lightning and stuff.

We are open for recruitment yet again, so if you like what you see here at TWC, don't hesitate to flick Frostfall_ a message.