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22/05/2017 12:11pm
The Majestic Collective is an open concept guild. We are not elitist and nor are we exclusionary. Our main focus is to provide players with a good atmosphere to enjoy the game in and cooperate together as a team to level up and get the best gear. TMC works with the members it has available online for our events using an organic approach to game-play.

You are encouraged to take initiative to make groups based on your needs. And it would help to answer questions and be helpful when possible.

We expect people to raid with us on Raid days if they have signed up to the event.

A clan is only as good as its members, if you sit back and do nothing or say nothing you will indeed feel left out, a community is built on trust, a mature social attitude and being generous.

Large groups of people must avoid gossip, drama, anger and selfish attitudes, and above and beyond all be thankful for the hard work of the leadership for recruiting, providing vent, a website and an active place to play. The downfall of a clan is based on a lack of respect for its creation and we will not tolerate any swaying of the open clan concept.

In other words, if you think that playing an MMO is a great accomplishment, believe that you are better than others because of your rank or are a person who imagines that elitism is the way to be, you will in fact not like it here. This is a community aimed at civility, friendship and a calm and relaxed manner of game-play. If you have no sense of humor or are a puritan - you will not like it here either.

Egoism is the failure of all groups. Let yours go and you will have a great time killing, stabbing, blowing up, Super-ing, burning and indeed beating the opposition - level up! Gear up! Group up and move as ONE."
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