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28/04/2015 12:31pm
Guardians! Grab your clan-mates and prepare yourself for the Crucible. Today is the beginning of the next Iron Banner which starts at 10AM PST (6PM GMT) and lasts until the following week.

It's widely believed that the long-awaited helmets will be available during this round so we're expecting to see a lot of people involved this week.

For those who have yet the experience The Iron Banner in it's full glory, here's a quick summary. Fight in the Crucible and rank up your Iron Banner level by completing bounties available from Lord Saladin in The Tower. If you manage to reach a high enough rank, a number of exclusive items, weapons and armour will become available to you. There's one catch though, level advantages are removed (to an extent) so be sure to equip your best gear wink

Full information on the event can be found on the Official Iron Banner Page.

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