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21/01/2016 20:58pm
Welcome to the official relaunch of Clans of Destiny!

Where have we been? Long story short, we went through a period of downtime while I was unable to spend the time required to perform the necessary maintenance.

However! We are back, and with good reason. Destiny has a long road ahead of it, and we're keen to support the incredible clans and people who form the unrivalled fan-base for the game. Nowhere else have we seen a community quite so fun-loving wink

So without further adue, allow me to welcome you all back to the site. All your accounts / clan profiles have been restored.

It's good to be back.
#533 - 21/01/2017 9:00pm
I joined this website thinking that I might have the opportunity to find regular players like myself. I'm good at crucible and check my stats to prove it. Ive been to the lighthouse plenty but my regular mates have moved on to other games because they got bored or hate paying for Dlc's. If you want somebody who plays everyday and knows how to do everything Destiny. Ask me to join your clan and you won't regret it.

#532 - 22/10/2016 4:28pm
I can't do anything with the clan I created I can't get it on my gamer tag , can't find it when I search to get it on my gamer tag either.. Frustrating. I tried following the steps but I can't lol
#529 - 08/02/2016 6:11pm
I created a clan but can't find it by search and my name on screen while playing doesn't show my clan name
ECAU ( elite clan assasin unit) we've been primarily on call of duty games for about 6 years and I decided to continue the name over to destiny) since I'm new I guess this is why I don't know how it works lol
#528 - 26/01/2016 4:36am
Welcome Back!

You'll have some cleaning up to do in the forums tongue
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