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22/05/2015 15:00pm
Youtuber davidsondavidson99 was exploring venus when a random guardian beckons him to follow.

What happens next is totally epic wink
#530 - 19/05/2016 6:32am
What that Fuck is this
#518 - 05/06/2015 10:37am Last Edited 22/01/2016 1:05pm
This sucks and is boring. bruce jenner looks better than that and he a woman.
dont h8
this b8
#516 - 30/05/2015 1:30am
Is there anyone willing to take me in as their own?
#515 - 29/05/2015 9:27pm
Hi I'm new
#514 - 28/05/2015 7:58pm
Bout the coolest thing i have watched today.
#513 - 26/05/2015 4:59am
awesome choreography i have to say
#512 - 26/05/2015 2:13am
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